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Hearing The Silence

Running Time 01hr 12mins

Picture: 16:9 Widescreen

Genre: New Age, Instrumental

Audio: 2.0 Stereo

Region Cord: 0 (Worldwide)

Subtitles: English



Leitmotif 01 - Wonder of Nature in C minor

Leitmotif 02 - Walking through the village in D major

Leitmotif 03 - Rustling the leaves in E major

Leitmotif 04 - Monastery in the forest in E minor

Leitmotif 05 - Birds make nests in A major

Leitmotif 06 - Hunting in F minor

Leitmotif 07 - Wheat field with birds in C major

Leitmotif 08 - Hearing the Silence in G major

Leitmotif 09 - Dance of Nature in C major



Seattle's Letter

Grand Piano's nature work Empowering the Audience Acoustic experiments

Music score

All tracks composed by Sagara Wijesinghe

Hearing the silence - Artist | Kosala Priyam Kumara

Constractive contribution | Sumudu Pathiraja

"You will be listened to the non compressed dynamics with non abused frequencies of music..."

"This particular concert, which is to be staged "Out Of The Box" so to say, would be and entirely new experience for the audience.

Evergreen environment is a wonderful creation of mother nature. I was compelled to enjoy the nature's beauty. If you are a writer, you may convey this through written text. A nature loving artist can live again in nature with his paint brush. I only have a series of musical notes in my hand. Nature creates a beautiful picture in my mind. It gives strength to my fingertips. Silence is beyond words. For music has the ability to interpret the silence.

I am going to experiment that through "Hearing the silence" nature concert with my soul. The silence within the nature will be counting semi hemi demi semi quaver to many breve rests in the music.

So it is an important concept which should follow the music composer's conducting movements. In the moment of silence it itself gives us a suitable atmosphere and tempo to perform the "Hearing the silence" concert.

- Sagara Wijesinghe -